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MISSION: Make a difference in the lives and businesses of Professional Home Stagers and ReDesigners throughout the world by helping them reach their goals and find purpose with the services they provide.

VISION: HSRA™ exists to provide expert training, knowledge, and support to Home Stagers and ReDesigners throughout the world, which ensures top service and results to our clients and business partners.

With over a decade of experience in the Home Staging and ReDesign industry, founder Jana Uselton has run every aspect of the business from driving the delivery truck to personally staging thousands of homes.

How we got here:

Starting the business in her home, hiring her best friend and hitting the town in her SUV, Jana built an interest into a multi-million dollar business which is still flourishing today. Now in “Phase 3,”  she is able to dedicate the majority of her time pouring into her management team and staff, training Real Estate Agents, and consulting other professional Stagers throughout the world.

As one of the largest and most successful Staging businesses in the country, Jana is able to pull from her knowledge, challenges, and successes to train others who desire to be the best of the best.  Jana has also teamed with many top experts throughout the country to assist in this venture, changing and improving our industry for the better.  They see one day where Professional Home Staging is expected and a must for every home going on the market regardless of price point.


``Core values and beliefs are where the vision begins. Core values and beliefs are like an ether that permeates an organizations-its decisions, its policies, its actions-throughout all phases of its evolution`` - James Collins

Who We Are:

INNOVATIVE: We are cutting edge in our industry.
GOAL SETTING: We are strategic and plan for success.
TRUSTWORTHY: We have honesty and integrity in everything we do.
ENERGIZED: We are enthused and passionate about our cause.
RELIABLE: We are dependable and available to assist needs.
PERSONABLE: We relate and show an interest in others.
CARING: We always go out of our way to do extra for others.
FRIENDLY: We are a true friend to all we interact with and have their best interests at heart.


HSRA™ welcomes every Stager and ReDesigner, regardless of previous professional training received as a foundation.


Meet the HSRA Team

Jana UseltonFounder and Owner

As the owner of one of the largest and most successful Staging businesses in the country, Jana is able to pull from her knowledge, challenges, and successes to train others who desire to be the best of the best.  Jana has also teamed with many top experts throughout the country to assist in this venture, changing and improving the industry for the better.

Laurie GrahamCreative Development Coordinator

Laurie contributes her optimism, vision and spontaneity with 20+ years of experience inside the real estate industry, focusing on the importance of Home Staging and benefits it provides both Real Estate Agents and home sellers. She places a strong emphasis on driving value and creating brand awareness.

Amira AnsariDigital Marketing Coordinator

Amira brings over a decade of rich industry experience in both property management and marketing, along with a Bachelors in Journalism. As Digital Marketing Coordinator, she enjoys collaborating with the HSRA team in all facets, intertwining her passion for art, design, media, marketing, and copy editing with a key focus on client fulfillment.

Amy GeorgeNational Education Director

Amy brings a diverse background in interior design, marketing, and merchandising, as a successful Home Staging business owner, former RESA State President of Texas (2016), she is certified as a Home Staging Expert (HSE) Feng Shui Stager (CFSS), Real Estate Staging Association (RESA®) Pro Stager, and Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Instructor. Amy applies her vision and leadership in educating others on industry standards.

Meet the HSRA Board of Advisors

Carole MorganOwner of StageRight, Southwest Michigan

As owner of StageRight, Carole Morgan enjoys building bridges between Agents, Stagers and other small business owners in order to support an infant industry trying to carve out a niche in a struggling economy.

Debbie KohlOwner of Savvy Staging, Arizona

Owner & Designer of Savvy Staging in Arizona, Debbie Kohl, has been creating and defining unique environments of beauty and serenity through her Staging and conceptual ReDesign skills and expertise for numerous years.

Linda BorghiOwner of of Dazzle Interiors & Home Staging, St Louis, Missouri

Linda Borghi, President of Dazzle Interiors & Home Staging in St Louis, Missouri, compares owning her own Staging business to a high speed roller coaster ride: some days you feel like you’re losing your seat and barely hanging on, and other times you experience a rush of excitement you could never have dreamed of.

Carol KaplanFounder of Everything Creative Designs, San Diego, California

Carol Kaplan, Founder & Creative Director of Everything Creative Designs in San Diego, California, for the past eleven years, is affectionately known by many of her clients as “the Home Staging Expert” in the San Diego area.

Julie YoungCo-owner of BY Design Home Staging, San Antonio, Texas

As co-owner of BY Design Home Staging (San Antonio’s premiere Staging company in Texas), Julie Young, fondly known as the “Y” half of BY Design Home Staging, has won international awards for her ReDesign and Staging projects.

Deborah BoggsCo-owner of BY Design Home Staging, San Antonio, Texas

Deborah Boggs, Co-owner and the “B” half of BY Design Home Staging in San Antonio, Texas (one of the Top 5 Staging Teams in North America), believes that every home, like every person, can be beautiful.

Barbara Heil-SonneckOwner of Design2Sell, Smyrna, GA

As the owner of Design2Sell, Barbara has a comprehensive remodeling background with over 10 years as an accredited Home Staging Professional, recognition as the Top 10 Home Staging Team in the USA for both 2014 and 2015 by the Real Estate Staging Association and winner of “Best of Houzz” two years in a row in Customer Satisfaction.

Lisa PelcOwner of Bella Casa Staging and ReDesign, Melbourne, FL

As the founder and owner of Bella Casa Staging & Redesign, Lisa A. Pelc’s passion and natural knack for design drove her to become Florida State President for the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) within three short years, garnering the attention of professional Home Stagers and other real estate professionals around the world.