Member Success Story: Michelle Hickey

Member Success Story: Michelle Hickey

Posted by hsrarelaunch | May 25, 2017 | Uncategorized

This week, we are featuring a Vacant Stage and Styling of a small two bedroom cottage by Michelle Hickey of Casa Modello.


“It had been a rental for most of its life, so it needed a lot of work, but the owners only had a small budget to put into the property to get it ready for sale,” explains  Michelle Hickey, owner of Casa Modello. “The owners had asked the Real Estate agent and myself (The Property Stylist), to take charge of any improvements that needed to be done to the property before putting it on the market. So we invested in a new bathroom, repainted the whole house and also added a ‘wow’ factor in the living area by adding a gorgeous black chandelier.”


Since this was an older style property located on a very busy road, Hickey saw this Stage as a challenge, but managed to overcome the negatives and create a gorgeous Stage!


Because of Hickey’s Stage and Style work, the property SOLD within three days of being on the market ABOVE THE ASKING PRICE.

“The new owner was so impressed with my Staging and Styling that they asked how they could achieve that same look. They have since put up a new fence and started landscaping the rest of the yard. It was a challenging property and one I didn’t think would turn out so well by the end!”


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