Request Jana Uselton to Speak at Your Next Event

Request Jana Uselton to Speak at Your Next Event

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How it All Began...

With over a decade of experience in the Home Staging and ReDesign industry, founder Jana Uselton has run every aspect of the business, from driving the delivery truck to personally Staging thousands of homes.

Starting the business in her home, hiring her best friend and hitting the town in her SUV, Jana built an interest into a multi-million dollar business, Model My Home, which is still thriving today in the DFW area. Now in Phase III, she is able to dedicate the majority of her time pouring into her management team and staff, training Real Estate Agents, and consulting other professional Stagers throughout the world.

As the owner of one of the largest and most successful Staging businesses in the country, Jana is able to pull from her knowledge, challenges, and successes to train others who desire to be the best of the best.  Jana has also teamed with many top experts throughout the country to assist in this venture, changing and improving the industry for the better.  They see a day where Professional Home Staging will be expected and a must for every home going on the market regardless of price point.

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