The Power of Red

The Power of Red

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The Power Of Red

Do you wear red when you’re feeling confident and want to make an unforgettable first impression? Studies say, YOU DO! Red makes us feel energized, strong and adventurous. In fact, here at HSRA, it’s one of our favorite go-to colors for making a strong first impression.

The History of Red

In Feng Shui, a red front door means “welcome.”  As the color draws you in, it also adds interest and defines a space and point of entry.

In ancient Egypt, the color red was honored and associated with life, health, and victory. The Egyptians would color themselves with red ochre during celebrations; women using red ochre and henna to redden their cheeks and lips, color their hair and paint their nails.

Greek, Roman, and Asian cultures have used red since the 12th century to signify love, power, dominance, and stature.

There’s No Place Like a “Staged” Home!

And let’s not forget about wearing red shoes! Dorothy from the “Wizard of Oz” had a few fellows following her lead in those powerful and sparkly ruby red slippers, as she led them down the yellow brick road. It’s no wonder why the Wicked Witch was so keen on possessing them!

Make a Lasting Impression in Your Stages With Key Pops of Red

Red is the hottest of warm colors and its power never gets old or stale.

Click here for more fun facts on the Color of Red 

And remember to use red in your Stages to spice up a boring room and create energy!

Red’s Effect

Numerous studies have shown that the color red can have an immediate physical effect on others, increasing the rate of respiration and raising blood pressure. Now as Stagers, we aren’t in the business of making people “see red,” but we do want to get (and keep) their attention. The color red is vibrant and bold. Think of “I Love Lucy.”

Red represents power, hence the “red power tie” for business people and the red carpet for celebrities and VIP’s.

And let’s all admit it – Red is hot! It’s a strong color that explores a range of emotions. We’ve all experienced red overload during the month of February with the signature bouquets of red roses, candy hearts and that cute little cherub, Cupid, leaving us feeling high levels of warmth, passion, and love.

The following are some of our most favorite shades of red from Sherwin Williams:

• SW 6334 Flower Pot

♠ SW 6594 Poinsettia 

⇑ SW 6871 Positive Red

⊗ SW 6869 Stop

♦ SW 6321 Red Bay

♥ SW 6863 Lusty Red

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